Here's what our customers say:

If your computer quits, don't think it's gone forever and don't think the repairs will be costly. Before you're sure you've "lost everything" and the only solution will be a new computer, call Mary and Jeff at Double Click. My computer is around 10 years old and twice it has quit. I was sure I was looking at the expense of a new computer. At the least, I was sure I had lost all my files. Each time Jeff repaired it at minimal expense--in the $100 range. Nothing was lost and I had my computer back and running within a few days. Until Jeff tells me I need a new computer, I will keep using my old Dell!

Linda List
Golden Sweets
1299 Washington Ave.
Golden, CO 8401

I would not pass my laptop over to anyone. Double Click Technology, Jeff Block would be the one and only that is trustworthy and will get the job done to the best of his ability. He's always done the job for me..frantic circumstances and the need for it back in a timely manner is no problem for Jeff and fair in price. I would recommend him to everyone!!!

Pam Eggemeyer
Spirits in the Wind Gallery Inc.
1211 Washington Ave.,
Golden, CO 80401

I own Baby Doe's Clothing. Before that I was a consultant in the tech industry and for many years provided technical training and documentation to companies like At&T and Intel. That industry changes all of the time and it is hard to keep up. As a business owner, I simply don't have the time to stay on top of things and take care of the computer support for my network at work or my personal computer at home. That's where Double Click Technology completely fills my needs. Jeff Block finds long and short term solutions to the problems. I feel like I always have someone looking out for me and that I will never be left hanging. A couple of months ago, a specialized printer I had used for 10 years just died. Jeff was able to refer me to a company where I could find a refurbished one that cost less than $100.00. All of the other estimates I had exceeded $500.00. Double Click provides thorough support that goes beyond a quick fix. You will like working with them.

Nancy Mason
Baby Doe’s Clothing
1116 Washington Ave.
Golden, CO 80401

“As a business owner and entrepreneur I’ve people who work with me have called me ‘attentive to detail’ – a nice way of saying ‘demanding.’ I admit, I simply have a low tolerance for ‘good enough’ work – in the last 20 years I’ve known only one solution that’s better than doing it myself: That’s when I have Jeff [Block] do the job. If it’s got anything to do with technology, from hardware, software, networks to Oracle installs… I have absolute confidence in trusting it to Jeff. I know he’ll get it done and not just ‘good enough’ – he does it the right way, every time. I’ve never met a person more committed to getting it done right – whatever it takes, that Jeff. His attention to detail and reliable performance (every simple time) is truly legendary!”

Shawn Phillips,
CEO, Phillips Performance Nutrition (co-founder EAS)

Our computer needs were so vast and varied that we had to actually build a list for Jeff!!

We wanted high speed internet on two computers, a new laptop built, computer upgrades, updated email programs, files back upped and copied, firewalls and virus protection and wireless access to the internet and printers. It was a daunting list!

Jeff came to our home and within hours he had our whole system built and working wonderfully – He even thought of and created special passwords and security for the children’s internet access – which they all love… and I really appreciate being able to take my laptop anywhere in the house and access the internet and print – even from my patio!

Julie McManus – Golden

I realized something was wrong with my computer when I couldn’t get it to start up. My computer would turn on but windows would not come up, and the hard drive would make a grinding noise whenever the computer was moved. So, the first thing I did was take it to the Geek Squad at my local Best Buy. They did some tests, which cost me about $70, and then told me my hard drive was bad. They charged me for a new hard drive as well as an installation fee. I decided I didn’t want to be charged an extra $100 for them to install windows onto the new hard drive when I knew of people that would do it for me for free. I went home thinking all my problems were solved. But, then hours were spent trying to install windows onto my computer. Every time it would seem to work something would go wrong and windows would have to be reinstalled again. After many tries and many days, my computer still wasn’t working correctly. I was about to take it back to the Geek Squad when I learned of Double Click Technology. I made an appointment for later that week. The day of my appointment, three hours were spent working on my computer until it was in somewhat of a useable state. It was working alright until a couple of days later when I got “the blue screen of death.” I took my computer in again to Double Click Technology, and this time it came back working better than I had it before. Every detail was looked at. I even can use my old hard drive as an external hard drive, because apparently it was working just fine. It came back with new updates installed, Itunes was reinstalled, and even all my bookmarks for the internet were taken from my old hard drive and placed onto my new hard drive. Double Click Technology went out of their way to make sure that my computer was working to the best of its capabilities. I now have a company I can depend on whenever I have computer difficulties.

Satisfied Customer,
Kelly Kloosterman
CSM Student

I am celebrating the recovery from a home based computer/technical/internet problem that could have had implications I didn't/couldn't accept just now (replacing my computer). Being a veritable new comer to Denver, my inner network of computer support has not been well established. I was in a crunch and needed help. I asked everyone I knew and received good references and referrals. Thank you all very much!!

One in particular I'd like to tell you about. I received as a referral by word of mouth, Jeff @ doubleclicktech. I didn't even have to leave my home. DTC - a local small business, was just a phone call away. I'm trying to return the favor just a little bit..... by spreading the word!!! 

With a fair number of years working with technical support---on-line, w/systems and applications, in the field, over the phone, and on site, I can vouch for the good customer service, chair-side (phone side), step- by-step walk through the problem, with knowledge in diagnosis and solutions.....contact.....http://www.doubleclicktech.com.

Elizabeth Foster - Denver