Small Business Advantage

Double Click Technology can provide your company with its own IT Department. The Small Business Advantage Package includes all our services and is by far the most cost effective way to handle your computer needs. All contracts are quarterly, and provide a specified minimum number of hours each month; at a reduced rate off our standard hourly rate.  Contracts will be invoiced at the end of each month; and any additional time required beyond the minimum contracted hours will be billed at the same rate. We guarantee our work.

New Business Advantage

Double Click Technology can provide your new company with the technical assistance required to get up and running. We understand what it is like to start your own business. There are so many details to take care of. Let us worry about your computer network, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. We have designed a special "New Business Advantage Package" for small business owners just getting started.

New Business Advantage Package

  • Help select network hardware, connectivity and bandwidth to achieve your goal
  • Setup Internet connection (WAN)
  • Setup firewall
  • Setup local sub-net (LAN)
  • Setup secure access for remote users (VPN)
  • Server and desktop computer configuration
  • Printer configuration
  • Wireless installation and configuration
  • Email setup and configuration
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware software installation and configuration

Business Services

Double Click Technology is a company designed to help small businesses achieve their goals, by assuring reliable computer systems. You are not too small to have your own IT Department.  When contracting with us you receive the benefits of an IT department, without the associated cost. We can also handle your IS needs by providing email marketing, reporting and database management. You save money by contracting with Double Click Technology.

Services for Small Business

Computer repairs, upgrades, diagnostics and setup

  • On site installation and repair of servers, desktops and laptops
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Six point performance checklist

Networking solutions, including wireless, for your office

  • Network diagnosis, configuration and repair
  • Firewall, VPN and remote access
  • Options as your business grows

System security

  • Physical, file & share level, and password
  • Virus and spyware detection and removal
  • Internet browser and email settings

Business continuity and disaster recovery

  • Backup Strategies
  • File and system recovery
  • Data archiving

Computer advisory services for sustained reliability

  • Internet connection (ISP)
  • Corporate email
  • Data center and website hosting

Information Systems

  • Email marketing
  • Report gathering
  • Database management

Personal PC Performance Advantage

Your computer is an amazing resource. It can bring you knowledge, access, entertainment and astounding freedom in a moments notice. Unfortunately, that same wonderful machine can be the source of much frustration.

At DCT we are passionate about ensuring that you are free to enjoy the endless possibilities of technology, without any of the frustration. Your computer is your best friend when it works well and your greatest nemesis when it's sluggish or breaking down. This premium service package from Double Click Technology is designed to maximize the freedom, confidence and enjoyment of the individual home PC and/or Mac user. We can make having a personal
computer or home network system enjoyable through peace of mind.

Services for Home/Home Office

Computer Repairs: PC Stability/Reliability & Performance
Does your computer mysteriously shut down when you're working on it? Is it taking a long time to boot up? Does it make funny noises? We can help you fix all of those annoyances and more.

Networking: Integrated Home Networks
Would you like all the computers in your house to share resources – Internet, printer, files? What about wireless services for your computer and/or printer? We can take care of this for you. We can help you purchase the required equipment, and then set it up for you.

Purchasing a Computer: "The Right Fit Home System Solution"
If you are in the market for a new computer but are not sure about your requirements, or the type of computer that would work the best for you, we can help. We can offer you recommendations on the type of system that would best fit your needs. We can assist by explaining memory, processing speed, file storage, Internet connection, and more.

Security: The Safe and Sound Security
We can help by making sure you are current with all security measures to keep your computer safe. Scheduling and installing Windows software updates. Installing and configuring virus protection and spyware detection software. We can help rid you of those annoying pop ups.  We can install firewalls. We can assist you with protection for your children and their access to the Internet.

Backups: "Personal Data / File Archiving" - Protect your Valuables
Should your computer ever crash, you need assurance all of your critically important information is archived; so it is not lost forever. You do not want to lose the photos of your child's first sporting event, or that fantastic family vacation last year. Think about your personal accounting or other important documents. We can configure a backup system for your home computer.  There are many options and we can help determine one that is right for you.

Comprehensive Individual Tutorial
We often hear from people that they wish they understood the Internet better; or how to use their computer more efficiently. For those who would like to be more proficient at using their computer, we offer a tutorial on the uses of the Internet and your home system. We will help you personally to become more adept and knowledgeable about these issues. We are here to help and to answer questions, because that is who we are.

Setup a New System
If you have just bought a new computer and would like our assistance in setting it up, we are more than happy to come to your home. We help you set it up right. So many PC's are set up with poor, ineffective and down right bad file structures; which erode performance and make your data nearly impossible to locate and backup. We will get the "junk" you don’t want or need off, and keep your system clean and running fast.

Performance Upgrades: Software and Hardware
If you have an older computer that will not accept new software; or if your computer is moving at a crawl – we can help by providing the necessary upgrades to improve your computer's health. 

Safe & Sound Child Safety Advantage

As a responsible, caring parent you want your child to enjoy the numerous learning, educational and development advantages that technology brings; and you want to protect them from more wrong turns on the Internet than you care to think about.

When it comes to your child's web access, do you feel like you're caught between a rock and a hard place? Don't feel bad – you're not alone. Technology is increasing at a pace that is nearly impossible for any one person to keep up with. As fast as the safety tools are put out, new ways to get around them are invented.

At Double Click Technology as both technology experts and parents, we are aware of the awkward position most every involved parent finds themselves in at one point or another – having to do their best and hope it's good enough and soon enough. It is clear we can't just unplug the computer and pretend it's not there; as much as you may wish at times. The Internet is no Mayberry.

For some, technology is out pacing their knowledge of the Internet and computer systems; and the worst part is their children know more about all if it than they do. Terms like "Blog", "My Space" and "Face Book" are new and confusing. At Double Click Technology our goal is to level the playing field by assisting parents in understanding what is out there; and offering them tools to help keep their children safe.

The pace of technology is advancing whether we like it or not – how are you going to keep up?  We can help you stay abreast of the trends, to make the right calls and have the right protection in place; in many cases before the next wave hits. 

You'll rest Safe & Sound with our Child Safety Advantage. We will help you with:

  • Education – Quick tutorial on the newest and latest kids attractions
  • Setup and configure computer / router for parental control
  • Blocks to specific sites; use of specific browsers